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Excess Liability
has arrived.

Our new Layered Excess product provides more coverage for your customers, helps grow your book of business, and fits nicely into our lead excess appetite. We are a premier market for small-to-medium-sized operations in more than 1,000 business sectors.

Mitigate loss when primary limits are exhausted.

  1. Layered Excess appetite mirrors our current Lead Excess and provides more coverage for your customers.
  2. Our preferred tower is $10 million or less.  Total towers of more than $15 million are prohibited at this time.
  3. Towers with more than two excess carriers are prohibited.  We will participate at the 2nd layer only. Contact us for more information. or contact us for product and submission assistance. We can help place your business right now.


This extra layer of protection is designed to trigger when the liability on other current policies has been exhausted. It gives businesses added liability protection beyond the limits of primary General Liability, Auto Liability, Liquor Liability, etc.

Unforeseen Circumstances
Business owners prepare for the unexpected. Excess liability provides extra protection for unforseen events. 

Unpredictable Damage Awards
Unfortunate accidents happen. Primary CGL may not be sufficient to cover damages awarded by a judge or jury.

Here’s what we offer.

Over 1,000 available classifications with competitive pricing.



Commercial and residential contractors
General Contractors / Artisan Trades
Apartments and dwellings
Building / Premises – LRO
Vacant / Occupied land
Vacant buildings / Warehouses
Condo / HOA
Retail / Service
Light Manufacturing 



Contractors – $5M
All Other – $15M
Real Estate
Apartments – 500 units
Condo / Common areas – 100 units
Dwellings – 50 units
New Residential Construction


Coverage May Be
Written Over

Any carrier rated A-V or better
(including Lloyds’ syndicates)
General Liability
Auto Liability
Light, medium, heavy
Up to 15 vehicles
Employer’s Liability
Liquor Liability


Lessor’s Risk

A commercial tenant wanted to renovate his rental space. With the landlord’s permission, the tenant hired a contractor to renovate the space. One of the contractor’s workers fell down an elevator shaft and was severely injured. The tenant, who did not have additional insured or hold harmless protection from the contractor, was found solely liable for the $2.5 million dollar claim.

Retail Establishment

An elderly lady was on her routine grocery trip when she slipped on the floor, sustaining permanent damage to her hip and leg. She required multiple surgeries as well as rehabilitation and could no longer live unassisted. She alleged the floor had been wet and filed a bodily injury claim against the grocery store owner for $3 million dollars.


A tenant of an apartment building hosted a dinner party for six in her second-floor unit. While waiting for dinner, guests were enjoying the evening on the outside deck until it collapsed and fell. All six guests suffered multiple injuries from this single occurrence. Bodily injury claims were filed against the property owner for more than $4 million dollars

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