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A broad appetite in this sector to consider a wide range of commodities, equipment, transit and storage coverage options for miscellaneous mobile property.

Contractors heavy mobile equipment  leased or rented long or short term. 

Agricultural equipment, backhoes, bulldozers, compactors, graders, generators, loaders and more...

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Motor Truck Cargo transportation and storage legal liability.

Moving, storage, trucking, cargo brokers or freight forwarder consolidation of shipments as contingent cargo...

20 days ago

Tools and equipment owned, leased or rented by contractors. 

Scheduled coverage including small scheduled tools and unscheduled items with values of $1,500 or less...

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Florida OIR News Links

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation


Communications Office acts as a liaison media and general public insurance matters. 

Hearings | Events

Florida Channel hearings for subsequent airing public service channels across the state

Annual Reports

Provide an update on the Florida insurance market and share relevant data.

Affairs Office

Cabinet Affairs and Legislative Affairs for the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR).

MTC Focus

Motor Truck Cargo coverage and services reflecting the range of marketing access, we can cover the following:
• Short and Long Haul
• Single units to large fleets
• Adjustable Basis (depending on receipts)
• Trailer Interchange
• Debris Removal
• Earned Freight
• Primary & Excess of Loss Basis
• Refrigeration Breakdown

AM Best A+ Superior XV Rating
Capacity up to $250,000 any one truck and Excess MTC limits up to $1,000,000 across all US states.

Claims Data Standards
Experienced international teams provide claims support and management within the policy term.


FMCSA Company Snapshot records
DOT, MC/MX Number or Company.

Motor Truck Cargo Carriers (common or contract) requiring legal liability coverage of goods hauled for others. New Ventures are acceptable. Transportation MTC Filings acceptable. 


Top Common

Automobile Parts / Tires
Computer and Computer Parts
Leather Goods
Radios, Stereos, and Televisions
Video Equipment & Tapes
Wearing Apparel - Designer


High Risk

Alcoholic Beverages 
Boats and Watercraft 
Boxed or Barrel Chemicals
Collectibles / Ceramics 
Heavy Machinery (Flatbeds)
Sand, Gravel, Dirt, Stone


Optional Coverage
and Provisions

Any risk being rated on Gross Receipts basis.
Fleet or Unscheduled Vehicles coverage
Property Brokers Contingent Cargo
Refrigeration Breakdown coverage
Specific Shipper
Debris removal or earned freight
increased limits
Loading and Unloading

Auto Physical Damage 

Single unit owner operators to large fleets (and everything in between) and can write both short and long-haul commercial APD exposures.

We provide monoline coverage for Florida domiciled risks across all US states. $1.5m any one loss. No limitation on Total Insured Value (ACV basis). A.M. Best ‘A+’ Superior XV rated coverage, a level of security we are able to bring to clients. Our specialist team has access to a wide range of capacity, Learn more...

Require the following to provide terms:
1 - APD Application 
2 - Schedule of units w/values (ACV)
3 - Three-year loss record
4 - Schedule of drivers
5 - Historical total insured value


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