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We appreciate your interest in our office and the opportunity to establish a long-term professional relationship. 

Team Management 

Our executive management spans decades of combined experience. Business grows when people grow. We evaluate, process and open ourselves to new ideas. 

Team South  

Exceptional customer service and smart performance solutions. Experienced local and dedicated underwriting with an unmatched ease of business. 

Team North 

Commitment to local and statewide underwriting tailored for specific territorial exposures. Our knowledge, discipline and procedures help expand our business. 


How can you effectively negotiate in both hard and soft markets? Preparation, education, a win-win mindset and communication are key. 

Negotiation can be exciting for some and anxiety-causing for others. In our industry, negotiating is a daily – or hourly – occurrence. No matter how comfortable, elements outside your control can instantly impact how you do business. A recession strikes, natural disaster occurs or a robust economy emerges with plentiful access to capital, switching the market from hard to soft and back again. ‘Market proof’ negotiation strategies to weather any storm.

The canons of a quality submission, while varied by the line of business or coverage, generally follow the same principles. There is a direct connection between complete, accurate information and success in placing business. 


Complete Application

This includes a description of all operations, loss history, expiring terms, peripheral exposures, and any subcontractor or additional insured requirements. Precise ongoing communication and information will reduce friction, limit inquiries, back-and-forth exchanges and pending data. Precise detailed information generates fewer questions and will garner a faster response. 


Status and Details

Why is the account being marketed? Who controls the account? Have renewal terms and pricing been offered? Are coverage needs being achieved? Competition and target pricing? Current and prior carrier information is essential. Usually, complete and accurate information will produce a faster underwriting decision.  


Time is of the Essence

Provide accurate time constraints. While submitting required information makes a big difference, it won’t always eliminate questions. This is E&S business, we expect and anticipate tough decisions. Outline challenges or issues and work closely with our underwriters to find a tailored solution. Ensure you and your customer get exactly what you need.


Share More Data

Include loss runs, a supplemental application (any carrier) to get the submission routed quickly. A few extra moments to ensure precise required information will increase our speed. Outline issues or a point of contention creating a challenge towards placement. These issues could be outlier incidental operations or ambiguous exposures that need to be classified or interpreted accurately. 


'Last-Look' Opportunity

In a fast changing business, knowledge, communication and speed wins. Guidelines change, rates adjust and appetites emerge. Enhance your relationships and secure your client by always providing us a last-look opportunity to place your business. 

E&0 Prevention

Best practices that agencies can apply prior to binding coverage.

Producer Application and Profile

During the past five (5) years has the agency acquired or merged with another agency or has the agency changed names?

Do you have any branch offices? (A separate application is required for each branch office)

Do you handle business domiciled in State(s) where you do not operate an office?

Do you entertain business originating from another agent or non-owned agency?

Personnel Information

Has any owner, partner, officer, associate, licensee, or other key personnel of the agency been subject to any disciplinary action by a State Insurance Department or other regulatory authority?

Marketing | Representation

Estimated % Annual Premium next 12 months:

List the three largest direct markets represented by the agency:

List all wholesale markets and/or managing general agency used:

Has any INSURANCE COMPANY or WHOLESALER terminated relationship or representation in the last three years?

Supplemental Information | Financial

Is the agency owned by, associated with or controlled by any other Company?

Do you maintain FIDELITY COVERAGE for all officers and employees?

If yes, provide Fidelity Carrier Name, Limits, Effective Dates

Provide the following information of your INSURANCE AGENTS E&O INSURANCE:

Have any Error & Omissions claims been made during the past five years against the agency, owners, partners, officers or employees?

Does the agency comply with the fiduciary responsibilities placed on it by the State Insurance Department?

Please provide the following financial reference information:

The information provided is to induce FIRESTONE AGENCY OF FL, INC. to consider the applicant for Producer status. Filing of this Application does not constitute approval of the applicant by FIRESTONE AGENCY OF FL, INC. for Producer status. The individual below warrants the validity of the above information and the truth of the facts indicated with no misrepresentation and no material fact withheld.

Agency Principal/Owner/Officer


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