Loss Runs
Request current valued hard-copy loss runs.

Policy Status
Cancellation or reinstatement status.

Evidence of Insurance or Policy
Policy copy or evidence of insurance.
Claims Assistance 
Claims status or contact information.

Claims Handling

Services committed to assisting our partners, expedite notification and communicate throughout the claims handling process.


Claim Reporting Tips

Report to appropriate authorities, fire, burglary, vandalism or other trauma. If personnel is dispatched, provide details and keep complete copies of all information for future reference. 
Report a claim to the insurance company as soon as possible.


Documentation Notes

Prior to cleanup, photograph or video the damages. Adjuster(s) may need to review this information. Consider emergency repairs to avoid further damages. Save all receipts.  If temporary relocation is necessary for safety, save all receipts.  


Communication Details

Be accessible to a insurance company claims representative and/or adjuster. Obtain complete contact information. Reference a policy number and/or claim number. The insurance company may also be contacted directly.


Assistance, we can help

Contact us for additional assistance, or call (800) 683-1150 Agency Services.  Please note Firestone Agency of Florida, Inc. has no authority to handle claims, opinion or coverage determination. 

How is our Service? 

Productive communication is essential to create an orderly flow of business and help us improve. Our goal is to better serve our agents and compete for business.

We conduct business with 250+ select retail agents throughout the state of Florida and we strongly value our trusted partnerships.


There is a direct connection between complete, accurate information and success in placing insurance business.


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