Expand your E&S business. 

The Firestone Agency of Florida Inc. is a family owned Florida MGA [Managing General Agent] and Wholesale Insurance Broker. We provide numerous areas of insurance specialization and expertise to ensure you retain your business. We provide access to multiple major domestic and international specialty insurance companies with carriers supported by the highest rated reinsurance in the insurance marketplace. 

All Carriers AM Best© A Rated or Better.

100 Years of Integrity in the Insurance Industry.

Few entities maintain the ability to adapt and evolve in the insurance industry over one hundred year period. The experience of the Firestone agencies span several generations with the original agency established in 1915 by Harry M. Firestone in Brooklyn, New York

Authentic Value and Reliable Performance
With a firm commitment to the Florida marketplace, our objective is to transact insurance business in the highest traditions of ethical integrity so that long-term profitable relationships are established with producing agents and insurance companies alike.
Our growth and success is largely due to our procedures and our commitment to purpose. We perform complete risk evaluation with management to support your new and renewal business. Let's get started. 

We do not operate as a retail agency.
Risk management and strategic market analysis
We continue to conduct strategic analysis of market conditions and carrier direction to enhance retention of your insurance business. We simply provide long term confidence and stability behind your new and renewal business allowing producers to service specific needs of their clients.
Call Us (954) 341-8331 or (800) 683-1150
to achieve long-term confidence behind your new and renewal business. If you have a question about whether or not we can place business for a particular risk with a specific insurance company please contact us. 

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