Expand your Florida E&S business. 
Family owned and operated, the Firestone Agency of Florida 
performs as a Wholesale Insurance Broker and Managing 
General Agency within the State of Florida. 
Call us old fashioned. 
With over 100 years of integrity in the insurance industry it is our objective to transact insurance business within the highest standards 
of professional performance so that long-term relationships can be established between agents and companies alike. 
A stable and long-term approach to maintaining your business.

Family owned and operated, the Firestone Agency of Florida Inc. acts as a MGA [Managing General Agent] and as a Wholesale Broker. In this capacity, we may handle representation within our binding authorities including combinations of advertising, marketing, rating, quoting, binding, policy issuance, policy maintenance, accounting, and other miscellaneous functions. 

In addition, we may secure and negotiate terms on a brokerage basis in which we may be responsible for ongoing communication with the carrier during the policy period. We provide access to multiple major domestic and international specialty insurance companies with carriers supported by the highest rated reinsurance in the insurance marketplace. If you have a question about whether or not we can place business for a particular risk with a specific insurance company please contact us.

Authentic Value. 
The Firestone agencies span several generations with the original Firestone Agency established 1915 by Harry M. Firestone, Father of New York Broker Qualification Laws located in Brooklyn, New York. 

Reliable Performance.
With a firm commitment to the Florida marketplace, our objective is to transact insurance business with integrity so that long-term profitable relationships are established with producing agents and insurance companies alike.

Continued Support.
Our growth and success is largely due to our procedures and our commitment to purpose. We perform complete risk evaluation with management to support your new and renewal business. Let's get started. 

We understand basic small business to larger more complex risks while providing superior service with a highly diverse, stable and competitive product line for producing agents. Our experience includes the ability to access a broad range of AM Best A Rated commercial, personal, marine, professional and transportation insurance lines. Our professional staff can access terms from domestic, international specialty and surplus lines companies. Underwriters will make every effort to tailor coverage, suggest options and negotiate with insurance companies to provide competitive terms.

We do not operate as a retail agency. We support contracted retail producers throughout the State of Florida. 

Among commercial insurance brokers, service and communication provided by many of the highest-performing firms outperform larger rivals by a large margin. Especially in a challenging marketplace, one of the most significant single attributes driving such performance is quality of advice and guidance provided. Demonstrating brokers who have an in-depth expertise and establish a hands-on, consultative, professional relationship with their clients are consistently driving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

Our emphasis is largely based on the following nine attributes:

  • Quality of advice and guidance provided.
  • Reasonableness of fees.
  • Ease of the renewal process.
  • Effectiveness of risk control services.
  • Variety of program offerings.
  • Effectiveness of program review.
  • Price, given services received.
  • Ease of billing and payment process.
  • Claims process.